Our Mission

Founded in 1969, Centro Legal de la Raza is a legal services agency protecting and advancing the rights of low-income, immigrant, Black, and Latinx communities through bilingual legal representation, education, and advocacy. By combining quality legal services with know-your-rights education and youth development, Centro Legal de la Raza ensures access to justice for thousands of individuals throughout Northern and Central California.

Core Values

Overcoming systemic barriers through collaborative action.

Leadership and power from within.

Focused on community needs and voices.

We place the dignity of our community first.

We embrace diverse talents and life experiences.

Our Vision

Centro Legal’s multifaceted approach to legal advocacy on behalf of the most vulnerable amongst us is purposefully designed to ensure access to justice. To this end, we pride ourselves in the three key components of our work: creating leadership, empowerment, and equity in our community.

We focus on leadership by providing guidance and mentorship to the next generation of attorneys and judges of color through our Youth Law Academy and Diversity Legal Pipeline programs.  We incubate community empowerment by advocating for positive change in local and state governments, creating meaningful dialogue on issues through our communications and media strategies, and by engaging in true, collaborative based, community lawyering. Finally, we ensure equity through high quality bilingual legal services and courtroom advocacy.

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